An SAPCR is a type of court case that can be filed by either a parent or an authorized person to request child custody, visitation, child support and medical support.

It’s filed under a variety of situations. It can be part of a divorce or pursued by separating parents who were never married. Significantly, this legal remedy is also available to guardians, conservators, or relatives who find themselves caring for a child. But you must meet certain criteria to file an SAPCR:

  • You are the child’s parent and paternity is established
  • You have had actual care, control and possession of the child for at least 6 months (and are not a foster parent)
  • You have lived with the child and the child’s parent/guardian/conservator for at least 6 months, and the child’s parent/guardian/conservator has died
  • You are the foster parent of a child the state placed in your home at least a year ago
  • You are the child’s grandparent, great-grandparent, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew and:
    • both parents are dead, or
    • both parents, the surviving parent or managing conservator agree, or
    • present circumstances will harm the child’s health or emotional development

If you are the child’s parent and paternity of the child has not been legally established, you should file a Paternity case (instead of a SAPCR) to ask for a child custody, visitation, child support and medical support order.

Modification of SAPCR can be done on your own if you can handle the paperwork requirements and your case is uncontested, which means you got every respondent to file a waiver of service in your suit.

If your case is contested, you will need a counsel like the Family Law attorneys at Jarvis Law Firm to guide you. And in some Modification of SAPCR cases, we can even offer Limited Scope Representation if all you need is advice, a review of your forms, and hearing prep.

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