Divorce is tough.

But if kids are involved, the pain and complications skyrocket. Reasoning goes out the window. Emotions flare. We know. We’ve seen it first-hand. And we know we can help you.

The question of child custody can be one of the most heated and frustrating aspects of a divorce. Texas courts will be guided by “the best interests of the child”. And once a custody and visitation order is in place, it typically stays in place. THAT’s why “getting it right” from the start is critical. It will affect the relationship you have with your children for the duration of their minor years and possibly beyond.

Will you want sole custody? Joint custody? Grandparental rights? What about visitation and holidays and vacations and school breaks? If you’re a non-custodial parent, do you still get a say in medical decisions or where the child lives? Who gets to claim a child on federal income tax forms? What about health insurance, college tuition, doctor co-pays?

We can guide you through this minefield.

Texas courts encourage parents to create a custody and visitation plan before a custody hearing. We can help you hammer out this plan, detailing answers to all the questions we listed above and much more. The more a judge sees cooperation, the more likely you’ll get what you requested and the more likely the judge will be in settling outstanding questions fairly.

But it’s not always a negotiation. And we’re ready for that, too. Some cases may carry the potential or a past of harm, abuse and/or neglect. There are cases when Parental Alienation becomes a factor. We may need to invoke expert testimony or request psychological evaluation/testing. Kids older than 12 may want to have their voices heard and do have a right to testify. And a parent who interferes with another parent’s relationship with the child can be viewed negatively by the court.

Jarvis Law Firm will defend your rights as a parent and the rights of your child to enjoy a positive and healthy relationship post-divorce. And we work with both divorcing parents and with couples with children who did not marry.

By contrast, if your existing child custody arrangement is being violated, if circumstances have changed significantly for the parent and/or child, or if you feel your initial custody arrangement is not in the best interest of your child, we can review your case for its chances of successful modification.

Let Jarvis Law Firm protect your parental rights and your child’s future.

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