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Who are We?

We are more than a cut above the rest. How do we prove that?

When you become our client, you get our cell phone numbers. Because we get it. Your fears and worries don’t stop at 5pm or take the weekend off.

Who are we? The buttons on the navigation bar give you our specialities within Family & Criminal Law. But we are not a list of legal descriptions.

We are Chip Jarvis and Audrey Kelly, two people passionate about the law since childhood. Two native Texans – a Veteran & a competitive athlete – who joined forces personally and professionally to create a law firm that prides itself on fighting harder and smarter, putting our legal prowess and connections to work for our clients, and treating each client with compassion and understanding.

Why Family and Criminal Law? Because they often intersect and influence the other. To practice one at the exclusion of the other does a disservice to clients, and our approach gives our clients their very best chance at success and peace.

On a personal note, we have both seen family members endure the suffering that comes with divorce/custody battles and with getting into trouble with the law. So we treat our clients the way we’d want our own family to be treated. We know others may say the same thing. But we actually do it.

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Chip Jarvis

Veteran. Father. Defender.

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A fist in a velvet glove.

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